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Fixed Appliance Instructions

Can I eat normally with fixed braces?

For the first few days it is best to keep to soft foods in order to prevent damage to your teeth and brace. You should avoid:

  • Sticky, chewy foods such as toffees, boiled sweets, chewing gum, chewy chocolate bars.
  • Hard foods which might damage the brace such as carrots, tough meats, hard pizza bases and crusty bread. Try cutting up food into small pieces and chewing on your back teeth.
  • Fizzy drinks and excessive amounts of fresh fruit juices-these can cause decay and dental erosion. Milk, water and dilute squash are the safest drinks.
  • Nail biting and pen chewing as this can damage the brace.

What about brushing my teeth?

The teeth, gums and braces must be kept completely clean. lt is important that you brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day and ideally take a spare brush to school/work to brush after lunch. lf the teeth are not kept clean then permanent staining of the teeth (decalcification) can result. This is the first indication of tooth decay and the braces will be taken off before the end of treatment to minimise the damage.

Will I be able to speak normally?

Lisping may be a problem at first but most people soon adapt and quickly begin to speak clearly within a few days.

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